We started Bubbs & Drizzle because the soap market is dominated by a handful of multi-national corporations whose products lack natural oils that nourish skin, contain harsh chemicals that leave skin dehydrated, and are mass-produced in overseas factories far away from consumers.

That’s why we decided to create eye-catching body goods that are made better with plant-based oils that leave skin feeling refreshed and moisturized, scented with natural fragrance and essential oils that awaken the senses and soothe the body, and we cooked them up in our kitchen right here in Southern California.

Along the way, we learned the soapmaking craft, experimented with different recipes, created the perfect bar of soap, and then developed a full line of handmade body goods that our friends and family couldn’t get enough of.

We want to bring our customers body goods that offer an escape from the norm that they can start and end their day with, and revisit anywhere in between.


Our customers have been looking for something better.  Whether they have more sophisticated tastes or are dealing with a skin condition or choose to live a clean, sustainable lifestyle, they have been looking for body goods made better.

Think about the explosive expansion of the beer market over the last couple decades as customers grew tired of the same five domestic brands, giving way to countless new breweries, styles, and flavor infusions that better met their pallets.  Or that of the physical fitness industry, as customers sought out women’s, cardio-kickboxing, CrossFit, high-intensity interval, or even baby-and-me workout programs that were more aligned to their needs.  Even the range of pet foods has grown enormously.  Sorry, Ol’ Roy, these days we care too much about our dogs to load them up with fillers and junk.
These are our customers.  Our people.  Our family.


Our products are made better with olive, coconut, and palm oils (RSPO) that moisturize skin naturally and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. 

The fragrance and essential oils we use not only enliven your senses and set the stage for some serious you time, but they are also free of phthalates or parabens which are known to have worrying health effects.   

Our soaps are made with lye (sodium hydroxide) that goes through the saponification process when mixed with water and oils, producing bars that are both cleansing and nourishing. 

Many mass-produced soaps contain detergents, which strip away you skin’s natural oils, and tallow, which is animal fat (do we need to say how nasty that is?) that acts as a lathering and hardening agent — things that palm oil does just fine.


Lacey and James are a wife and husband dynamic duo.  We work together to create the recipes, designs, names, and everything else that goes into bringing body goods made better to our people.  We’re passionate about our handmade products and about making our customers happy. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Feel free to reach out if we can help with anything.

-Lacey and James