Let’s Talk About Plant-Based Body Goods...

       Why are all of our body goods plant-based?  For three simple reasons: it’s healthier, it’s better, and it’s possible.
       Let’s face it, the creature comforts we’ve all been afforded by modern civilization often come with downfalls.  Sure, it’s easy to hit a fast food joint to grab a burger and a coke, but we know the costs of convenience include factory farmed meat, negative health impacts, substandard working conditions and wages, and so on.  We often feel much better when we sit down at a gourmet burger place to order a grass-fed beef (or veggie) patty topped with local produce and a cold glass of fresh made lemonade, then leave a nice tip.  That’s the feeling you get when using plant-based body goods.
       The desire to have a healthier, better experience is why our products use skin-spoiling oils, are free of harsh chemicals, and stay true to the craft of soapmaking.
       Most of the big brand name commercial soaps use tallow, or animal fats, as their base oils.  The reasons companies use tallow is because it’s cheap and easily obtained as a byproduct of food production.  Aside from the ethical concerns this raises, we know things that are cheaply made are rarely good for us or known for quality. 
       Our soaps, body, butters, and bath bombs are healthier because they use natural plant-based oils like coconut, olive, palm, avocado, and shea, which naturally nourish skin and help keep it moisturized.  Coconut oil is known to have a high cleansing ability and produces a rich, bubbly lather.  Olive oil produces a soothing, mild soap that is great for sensitive skin.  Palm oil helps to make a harder bar, which negates the need to use tallow, and bolsters the lather.  Both avocado and shea are well-know for their outstanding moisturizing abilities.
       Utilizing these types of oils makes your skin much healthier and adheres to our saying, “If it’s good enough to put in you, it’s good enough to put on you.”
       Mass-produced body products come with many of the same problems that that you would expect from anything made by the millions.  They’re often loaded with chemicals and preservatives, lead to excessive pollution, and are made in oppressive overseas factories.
       The small-batch products we make are better because they are free of harmful chemicals, they are sustainably sourced using animal-friendly ingredients, and they are proudly handmade in California.  All of this lets you feel good, both inside and out, about your body goods.
       Lastly, people have been making soap by hand for thousands of years, so we see no need to industrialize the process.  We make soap the old-fashioned way because it’s a pretty simple process and we have a really great time creating these unique, handcrafted works of art!
       Think about it -- How much better is grandma’s homemade banana nut bread than that cellophane wrapped one you might pick up at a chain grocery store?  There’s simply no comparison.  That’s what we aim for with our body goods.  All it takes is a good recipe, some practice, and a whole lotta love.  And the result is worth every bit.